>Another one bites the dust…

>Seriously, is anyone surprised that Sen. Arlen Specter is now a Democrat? I could have called that one for any political pundit. I was actually surprised he decided to wait as long as he did! 

Anyway, now Republican Party spokesperson Rush Limbaugh is calling for Sen. John McCain and his daughter Meghan to jump ship along with the so-called people “who aren’t really Republicans.”
And, as we’ve learned, Republican leaders have consistently rolled over for the likes of Limbaugh and their groupies. Whose to say they’ll do any different this time around?
So, which Senate Republican will be next to come to their senses and stand up to what the Limbaugh Party has become?
1. Olympia Snowe
2. Susan Collins
3. Sam Brownback 
4. Richard Lugar 
5. George Voinovich
6. John McCain

I will predict Sen. Snowe will be the next casualty of this new Republican Party. Sure, Maine is one moderate-to-liberal state, but the intolerant wing of the new Republican Party won’t stand for senator calling themselves a Republican acting like a tax-and-spend, pinko liberal Democrat.