>Karazi backtracks?

>Yes, I know I should avoid FoxNews, but I can’t ignore this story.

Responding to criticism from around the world, Afghan President Hamid Karzai said Saturday that a new law that critics say makes it legal for men to rape their wives will be studied and possibly sent back to parliament for review. Karzai said he ordered the Justice Ministry to review the law, and if anything in it contravenes the country’s constitution or Shariah law, “measures will be taken.”

Yes, I’m glad to see Karzai open his eyes and move into the 21st century. But I’m not letting my guard down yet. The article goes on…

One of the law’s most controversial articles legislates the frequency of sexual relations between Shiite husbands and wives. Article 132 says the husband has a right to sex every fourth night unless the wife is ill. Karzai did not mention Article 132 during a news conference Saturday. But he said he had studied the law earlier in the day and that “I don’t see any problems with it.” He complained that Western media outlets had mistranslated it. He read an article of the law during the news conference that appears to restrict Shiite women’s right to leave their homes, though Karzai underscored a provision that allows women to leave in emergencies. Still, he said the law should be reviewed in consultation with scholars and religious leaders.

“I ordered the justice minister to review the law, and if there is anything that would contravene the country’s constitution or Shariah law or the freedom our constitution gives to Afghan women, without any doubt there will be changes in it, and again it will be sent to the parliament of Afghanistan,” he said. “Measures will be taken.”

So, now it’s those pesky Western journalists’ fault, Karzai? It’s the Western world’s fault that the Afghan Parliament is legislating how men and women can interact in their bedrooms? It’s the Western world’s fault that the Parliament continues to roll over and take whatever the strict mullahs in the country dictate? It’s the Western world’s fault that the Parliament has yet to move out of the Stone Age and into the modern era? It’s the Western world’s fault that Parliament continues to ignore women and girl’s rights and subject them to rape, torture, incest, violence and even murder?

It’s hard to “mistranslate” what the law blatantly says. It’s not as if it’s written in convoluted legalese that a seasoned reporter (or lay person) can not comprehend what’s being said–that a man is entitled to have sex every four days with his wife unless she’s “ill.” Now that I think about it, I wonder what the Parliament would determine as being “ill.” Go figure…

Way to be a leader of this so-called new Afghanistan, Mr. President. We all know you’re just a figure head–and a make-shift puppet for those inside and outside of your country’s borders on an as-needed basis.

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  1. >I didn't know that Iowa was one of the first states to legalize inter racial marriages and now they have added same sex marriage. Clearly this state is far more progressive than I knew.

  2. >Check the Afghan constitution first, it cannot go against sharia law so Karzai is just giving lip service to the press; besides he's no longer in control as Obama has placed his man in charge right next to karzai…expect Karzai to be forced out over this, assasinated, or simply resign & sharia law to reign in fullFYI – slavery is legal under sharia law

  3. >honestly, America cannot really comment on other countries politics, like from diff political intuitions, becuase democracy is a very hard concept for many countries around the world to grasp, its take decades to be "like the US"those laws are not hard to believed, thier gov. system is older than ours. It is not secular at all, and their history with the US has been bitter sweet. I mean they have a mixture of religion and politics. Religion is really shady, especially in the mideviel times, people took Christianity and Islam really seriously. to the point that laws were created. So it does not surprise me that Fox News would write such a bias article..

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