>Cop attacks 15-year-old girl (Warning: video is extremely violent)


Is this the kind of cop you would like to see on your streets?

This type of “policing” should not be tolerated by the public. Sure, this girl may have been “lippy,” but what teenager isn’t? This so-called eight-year veteran should have had more training to deal with “lippy” adults and juveniles.

A word of advice to prospective police officers: if you don’t have the patience to deal with “lippy” people, then DO NOT ENTER the public safety field under any means. If you have any violent intentions or thoughts, then this field is just not for you. If you are quick to strike out at people around you, then you may want to consider something else, such as boxing.

Being a police officer doesn’t equate to being big, bad and tough, with the ability to beat up on little girls.