>When will they ever learn?

>Embedded video from CNN Video

You know, I can’t even be surprised anymore. I’m no longer outraged at the ignorance those who are oblivious towards U.S. history and race relations these people choose to display. How can this so-called mayor not understand how his “joke” could have been interpreted as racist and demeaning?

I’m starting to see a pattern among white men who create these racist images. They all have a common theme: the I-didn’t-think-it-would-be-taken-as-racist excuse, the it’s-a-commentary-about-U.S.-politics defense or the it’s-a-right-to-freedom-of-expression excuse.

These repeat offenders, whom often hold preconceived semi-racist/sexist/homophobic beliefs, continuously test the waters to see how far they can go without offending the majority of the country. These offenders, many of whom lean center-right, continuously express their pride and joy in their country and are the most likely to stand on the roof-tops to see who can scream “God Bless America” the loudest.

Sure, these repeat offenders are “proud” to see a black man ascend to the highest office in the land, but the historic nature of Obama’s election doesn’t materialize in their minds as it does among the rest of the population. Realizing they can’t outwardly criticize Obama for his race (and, thus, his inherent inability to do the job), they go for the back-up criticism (which conservatives and Republicans have mastered in their attacks on black politicians): his plan to take away the American capitalistic system. Conservatives have mastered the image of the urban black politician, armed with anger and revenge for having to face racism and slavery, coming into the White House, banding all the country’s blacks together, and taking everything the white middle class has owned and worked hard for. The imagery of an educated black politician (male or female) threatens the ultimate goal of the repeat offender: sustaining their “place” in society. You also see these repeat offenders continuously launch PR campaigns against gays, women and other minorities. The advancement of other groups is seen as an outward assault onto their notion of American values.

Seeing the Obama presidency fail is the main goal of these repeat offenders. Not only would an Obama stalemate give them the ammunition to bolster their common line of “socialism doesn’t work,” but it would give credence to their subconscious belief that blacks are not capable of handling the business of running the country.

What prevents the repeat offenders from succeeding is Obama’s popularity and the country’s preoccupation with the economic disaster. In the meantime, these repeat offenders will continue their PR campaign of slowly dispensing racially-charged material to hold on to their racist ideals in a world that’s struggling to move into a so-called “post-racial society.” When the time is right (Democrats losing control of Congress, more soldiers killed overseas, worsening economic crisis, etc.), these repeat offenders will launch a massive media blitz, blaming the starry-eyed idealists for ignoring their so-called underlying suspicion and electing an ill-prepared, (black) politician to take on solving the nation’s most pressing problems.