>I’m how old???


Yep, it’s my “happy out of the bushes day.”

(Edit: I know that’s crude, but it’s also a little hilarious).

Anyway, I turn 25 today and in the weeks leading up to this day, I’ve done a lot of reflecting from what I want out of life as far as a career, relationship and general happiness. As we all know, this is the year in which you decide to began the process of aligning everything in your life or you will continue down a path of disillusionment or probable destruction.

The problem: there was no where for me to turn to for advice or how to navigate through this so-called quarterlife crisis. What’s the crisis, you say? Well, it occurs in people who have graduated from college, struggling with finding a suitable job and just bouncing through life. Often, we are experiencing expectation overload. While in school, we had so many expectations and ideas as to how our lives are going to turn out. We thought we would land the perfect job and have the perfect boss/co-workers. We thought we would meet our future husbands, get married and began having babies.

But, as I and others have discovered, the grass isn’t greener once getting that bachelor’s degree. Graduates spend months, sometimes years, bouncing around in jobs that aren’t even relevant to the degree they once obtained. There’s anxiety, uncertainty and just downright fear as to what we want to do with ourselves.

My question to you all is how did you navigate through these years of uncertainty? What advice can you give me and other quarter-lifers on how to survive these years of emotional fidgeting?