>Obama’s first week: your take

>Well, tomorrow at noon will be exactly one week the nation’s first black president has been in office. With expectations riding high, President Obama seems to be holding his own.

This post was sparked by a statement someone at my job said. In essence, the woman said she has not been impressed with Obama’s executive order reversing the Bush abortion-funds policy and his orders to close Guantanamo Bay–two things she said she’s against, “terrorists and abortion.”

Those two closures seem to have gotten the most flack from pundits and lay people alike. This is a CNN video which examines the pros and cons of closing the Bay:

Embedded video from CNN Video

Quite frankly, these two executive orders are signs of the change this country needs. Holding suspected terrorists in that isolated facility, in my opinion, has not made us any safer from the nutjobs who are willing to inflict pain and suffering upon Americans to promote their wicked ideology. On the abortion front, I don’t think it’s our country’s job to dictate morality. It’s not our country’s place to restrict these international clinics from looking out for the health of the women in their countries.

On these two and other issues, I think Obama has had an average week. Sure, there have been a few slip ups, but I think he has the backing of the majority of the country. Considering the divisiveness of the past eight years under the Bush regime, I believe people are, indeed, willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt. Some of these slip ups he’s made are normal rookie mistakes and will hopefully be less and less as he settles in the daily routine of running the country.

What do you think of Obama’s first week in office? Has Obama presented himself as the president who will bring change? How do you feel about his policies, cabinet picks and statements on the dominant issues of the day? Are you disappointed in anything?