>Obama’s first week: your take

>Well, tomorrow at noon will be exactly one week the nation’s first black president has been in office. With expectations riding high, President Obama seems to be holding his own.

This post was sparked by a statement someone at my job said. In essence, the woman said she has not been impressed with Obama’s executive order reversing the Bush abortion-funds policy and his orders to close Guantanamo Bay–two things she said she’s against, “terrorists and abortion.”

Those two closures seem to have gotten the most flack from pundits and lay people alike. This is a CNN video which examines the pros and cons of closing the Bay:

Embedded video from CNN Video

Quite frankly, these two executive orders are signs of the change this country needs. Holding suspected terrorists in that isolated facility, in my opinion, has not made us any safer from the nutjobs who are willing to inflict pain and suffering upon Americans to promote their wicked ideology. On the abortion front, I don’t think it’s our country’s job to dictate morality. It’s not our country’s place to restrict these international clinics from looking out for the health of the women in their countries.

On these two and other issues, I think Obama has had an average week. Sure, there have been a few slip ups, but I think he has the backing of the majority of the country. Considering the divisiveness of the past eight years under the Bush regime, I believe people are, indeed, willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt. Some of these slip ups he’s made are normal rookie mistakes and will hopefully be less and less as he settles in the daily routine of running the country.

What do you think of Obama’s first week in office? Has Obama presented himself as the president who will bring change? How do you feel about his policies, cabinet picks and statements on the dominant issues of the day? Are you disappointed in anything?

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  1. >This ain't change. We are being bamboozled. His "O"ness is simply undoing the 8 years of republican neo-con incompetence. In other words we, black folks (and progressives generally), are chasing our political tails. Obama is the new (Bill) Clinton. If we really wanted change we would have backed Cynthia Mckinney or Kucinich. Exhibit A: Obama is a centrist. He is just taking us back to Clinton. Why should black folks be excited about that? Black people have never supported a centrist candidate. Slick Willie was an exception, but he cloaked his politics by going to black churches and playing the sax…Exhibit B: Ditto, with BOs cabinet picks. The DLC is turning somersaults of joy: http://www.dlc.org/ Obama is mostly hiring old Clinton heads, most of them, unlike BO, are ideologically committed to centrism (BO is a pragmatic or flexible centrist). And I suspect several of them are anti-black because the DLC is an anti-black institution (fronted by a black man). Verdict? No change. Here's whyClinton was a founding member of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC). The DLC was founded by senator Al From, founding members include Lieberman, Gore and Bill Clinton (Hillary is a member). DLCers believe that the liberal wing–blacks, feminists, unionists, etc.–was keeping democrats out of power. Their strategy was/is to move the dems to the center in order win back the racist white southerners who abandoned the party during the Civil Rights revolution of the 60s. The DLC was outmaneuvered by BO, a pragmatic centrist (as opposed to the DLC ideological centrism). But upon winning the white house BO filled his cabinet with DLC members. Its a lose-lose for black folks and a victory for the DLC. Interestingly (read strategically), the DLC is fronted by a pseudo black man, Harold Ford Jr. PostscriptIts the ever-changing same…Real change won't come until we take to the streets and demand it. IB

  2. >I give him the first week to understand what he got himself into. But I cannot agree he is trying to be a Bill Clinton..this economy is headed towards a depression and there is no way the Clinton administration will be replicated.I hoping that he really learn to focus on the economy and make that needed change..

  3. >I believe my biggest disappointment was his inauguration speech. It was full of colonialist rhetoric and completely erased the near genocide of Indigenous Americans. He spoke as though there was not a thriving culture when Europeans invaded North America. I particularly resented his reference to Valley Forge. For a man who is dedicated to seeing all sides of an issue, I find it particularly telling that when given the opportunity he had no problem erasing Native peoples.They may be a small percentage of the population but they are the First peoples of North America and deserve better than the speech he gave. It seems that he only conceptualizes race issues in black and white however all non white peoples are subject to racism.

  4. >I tell you one thing I'm tired of looking at him. I think he is doing just fine and I think the two topics are big hitters. It's really saying the past was wrong and I'm going to change it right away. I think people expect so much from him and I really think he just wants to be the president not our individual savior.

  5. >Freemanpress, you're right. I think he's been propped up to be some type of "savior" that any small misstep will be considered a big mistake.People just need to remember that he's human and not God.Renee: dead on!(im)perfect_black: I'm going to have to disagree with you. While there has been no "change" to our political system, I'm going to stop short of calling him another clone of Slick Willy. I understand your frustration with Obama being a centrist, but who can blame him. Democrats can't govern completely from the left anymore. When you're president, you can't ignore segments of the population. You have to appeal to everyone. Bush went through the same thing, which prevented him from pushing some legislation that would have alienated big parts of the population (constitutional ban on abortion comes to mind).

  6. >I like what he's done so far:The following is our President following through on his campaign promises and this is democracy in action.1)Stop America torturing and honor the Geneva Conventions and started the process to close Guantanomo (serving our constitution, treaties, and rule of law)2)Opened up the Freedom of Information policy to be what it was meant to be3)Instigated a transparent government program4)Instigated a stronger ethics program5)Pay freeze for those who earn over $100K in his administration,6)Involve both the Republicans and Democrats in the Economy Package7)Opened up embyronic stem cell research8)Released the "gag" on family planning and services programs overseas9)Set up his open government website (we hope to see more)10)Hired people on his cabinet and administration that have merit and that are Republicans, too. Kept Gates on and oops or so but no body is perfect. 11)On day 2, he and his Sec. of State set a strong policy for foreign affairs with a strengthened Dept. of State where "Development, Diplomacy, and Defense" would be the integrated strategic tools12) allow States the liberty to bring on stream improved auto emission standards13) Signed the Equal Pay for Equal work act for women.14)Signed a bill extending health coverage to 4 million uninsured children.****************************Folks need to stop whining and feed a hungry person or mentor a child.

  7. >Anon, You sound very self righteous. Why would you presume that anyone who criticizes BO is whining? And is public service (e.g. mentoring) reserved for Obama supporters? So now that imperialism has a black face it is "our" government? My issue is not so much with BO; rather, its with the system he represents. BO is propping up a crumbling empire. I say "let it fall!"…IB

  8. >I am self-righteous and I love when people notice so thanks.–just kidding, but if I sound self-righteous then you sound like a hater.. And you do need to stop whining. I sadface when folks whine especially black men, especially during black history month when we are celebrating men and women who actually had a reason to whine but said F- it, I'm fighting.Everybody is not going to be happy with everything President Obama does HE wanted the job so he could do the best job he could and make decisions the HE feels are best for the country.I think he's doing a fine job considering what he's working with.You have a right to say whatever you like about any President and I have a right to counter. http://ikimme.blogspot.com

  9. >sista anon,again your reductionism is puzzling (but not really surprising)…critiquing BO equals whining?? why cannot it simply be a different opinion? and why do you assume that my criticism of BO means that i could not possibly be out in my community doing positive things in my community? BO is not doing anything different from what HRC would have done–well, besides trying to befriend republicans. apparently we are supposed to do somersaults of joy simply because a black man is top dog. no thanks! last, some of those ancestors that we celebrate opposed the system unequivocally. dissent my be inconvenient but it is never untimely…IB

  10. >sista anon,forgot to mention, whilst we are on the topic of black history month. have you bothered to read anything by the founder of black history month (then called "negro history week) carter g. woodson? woodson was clear that the american political system is anti-black, both republicans and democrats. if i read him correctly, i am pretty certain he would have been highly critical of BO. as would hubert henry harrison, queen mother moore, malcolm x and many others. IB

  11. >i posed a very straight-forward question. you brought up black history month. i asked if you have ever read what the creator of BHM had to say. sorry to hear about your attention span. my momma raised me to be a bit more respectful. i, for example, would assume that you had something intelligent and useful to say. c'est la vie…IB

  12. >No I haven't read it, but I don't have to to have an opposing opinion. You don't know what Woodson would think about Obama. I didn't think King would have anything to do with Rustin. And sorry i'm not insulted. I knew you would result to attacking my intelligence, attention span the same lame insults that everybody uses via the net. You would think that with the anonymity that the internet provides one would have better insults. Oh well.

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