>I’m totally stunned. I never thought I would see the day when an African-American is elected. I seriously can not think right now. I can’t stop smiling.

I’m speechless.

Part of me expected an Obama win, but to see it actually formulated is just too much to even begin to process.

I don’t even know where to begin to explain how I feel right now!

It’s a proud day in American AND African-American history…

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  1. >I feel nothing. One thousand Barack Obamas isn't worth one Rev. Wright. He threw his mentor who made it all possible under the bus to appease his mother's people, I'll never forgive or forget that. He isn't black he is mixed race the one drop rule is racist and offensive. If he was jet black he wouldn't be the new manager of the empire.

  2. >This reminds me of when they used to exchange trinkets for slaves in Africa. It shows how low black people's self-esteem is, that they are so grateful for symbolic crumbs from the masters table.

  3. >@ AnonymousI do understand what you are saying but very few people really understand that this mentality is so prevalent.@ NewBlackWomanThis entire experience is still merinating with so many millions of people….I wrote a post "After The Tears…America Faces Reality" because I believe that we have to continue to own up to all that is wrong in our country in order to produce lasting change.Please feel welcome to drop by my blog and share your thoughts whenever you'd like!! (smiles)Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!Lisa

  4. >I said I wouldn't believe it until it happened. Well I do believe now.For anonmynous, all this blood measuring and color comparisons sound just like the racist we deplore. Crumbs? We worked hard as a nation to get Obama into this position because of the person he is, not his parents or hair grade or skin color. I do understand your points, but the fact is Obama is the man we need now to get this nation together. I could care less what white folks like or don't. I love Rev. Wright. Of all the ministers on earth, with all the work he's done and all the fantastic progessive ministers he's given us, I hate what happened there. Trinity is an exemplary church. Obama did not throw Rev. Wright under the bus. Rev. Wright threw himself under there. Obama had his back but Rev. Wright did not have Obama's. It was unfortunate. I still love Rev. Wright just as I'm sure Obama does and I know for a fact that the Trinity members support the prez-elect..

  5. >I am kind of split on the whole thing. I realize it's good for our race to boost self esteem but I can understand Anonymous POV too. I am really stunned how many people are celebrating like it's a regime change when it's just one guy with a whole bunch of white people behind him. I don't want to dismiss his intellect and accomplishment but let's call it what it is just a another politician that just happens to be seen as Black.

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