>The third debate: what do you think?

>I want to hear everyone’s comments on this third and final debate. I’m actually a little surprised at how Sen. John McCain has transformed himself from a “maverick” to a right-wing reactionary politician running for president.

He was pretty much on the defensive, and he attacked Sen. Barack Obama for his “relationships” with terrorists, his radical views on abortion and his plans to increase taxes for “Joe Plumber.”

(Edit: Joe Plumber, if you are out there, please show your face. I want to know exactly who you are and what did you do to become so popular).

I must admit, Obama seemed cool, confident and was ready to rebuke McCain’s attacks. McCain, on the other hand, seemed annoyed, smug and talked to Obama like he someone who doesn’t know his place. How can such a “maverick” who claims he wants to work with those on other side of the aisle show such an arrogant and know-it-all attitude?

I was really annoyed by the questions as well. I think more should have been asked of the candidates about human rights, the Middle East, the war on terror, the HIV/AIDS epidemic in this country and the world and the impending bomb that will drop on Social Security and Medicare when the remaining baby boomers begin to retire.

Also, I don’t understand why Obama had to respond first in almost all of the questions. However, I think he handled it well by not getting defensive and sarcastic with McCain. Bob Schieffer could have been a little more tough, specifically on McCain when he dodged answering every question.

All in all, this was an interesting debate. While McCain knew he had to make this debate count, I don’t think he did that well of a job. The public doesn’t like people who come off as smug and arrogant, which McCain did a good job in presenting himself as. I’m pretty sure his campaign advisers and supporters are shaking their heads.


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  1. >I think this was by far the best presidential debate. The tension had been building and some things had to be said face to face. I actually think that McCain started out pretty strong and then fizzled out. His arguments became unfocused and he appeared to be visibly angry. It wasn't Obama's gratest night but he hung in there. P.S. McCain vetted Joe the plumber just as well as he did his running-mate.

  2. >@lisa JYou are so right on Joe the Plumber…seems he only makes 45K per year, is not a licensed plumber, owes back taxes and is not even registered to vote. They have been interviewing this idiot all day on various news reports.As for the debate McCain lost it when he actually defended his supporters. Who was he trying to kid with that fringe element argument. All that the GOP has done is make racist attack after racist attack. I was in shock when the man demanded an apology.

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