>Why is Sarah Palin so secretive?

>In his weekly commentary, Roland Martin urges Sarah Palin “to put up or shut up.”

Here’s a little bit of what he said:

Listening to some political strategists, pundits and radio and TV blowhards, you would think that all she has to do is show up, sign her name on the roll, and she’s done enough to satisfy the requirement for president.

Do people really and truly understand that she will be sitting a heartbeat away from the presidency, backing up a 72-year-old guy who has a history of cancer?

Nothing drives me nuts more than listening to some of these folks who act as if we shouldn’t expect Palin — and Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Joe Biden — to be well-versed on national issues, foreign policy and the social and cultural issues that have to define America.


The truth is, the nation doesn’t know much about Palin. And when folks don’t know a lot about you, there is an expectation to get to know more. As for Palin, I fundamentally believe that millions of Americans want to know what she thinks about the critical issues of the day and not from reading cue cards.

The McCain camp has done her a huge disservice by treating her like a Faberge egg, totally untouchable. She needed to do multiple media interviews and not keep an arm’s distance from the media and, yes, the general public.

I think Martin is on to something. I can not understand how the McCain camp is operating here. You picked Palin as your running mate. Surely you can’t expect the media and the public not to want to know about her goals and political viewpoints as they want to know about Sen. Biden’s?

I’m sure they’ll be some who will argue that she’s being shielded from the spotlight due to unfair coverage by the press. I can understand that argument. However, what I can not understand is how this makes sense. Like Martin said, Palin is literally a heartbeat away from assuming the presidency (if McCain is elected). It’s only fair that the public knows what this woman stands for since she has a good chance of becoming the leader of our nation.

I’m also surprised at how McCain supporters have been silent about this whole affair. Yes, they were excited to see an attractive woman light up the campaign trail with her no-nonsense, conservative diatribes. They were electrified when she espoused her beliefs in family values and strong national defense. But, if they are so energized by a candidate who may become the first female vice-president, then why shield her? Why shield such a magnanimous politician from the public? If she’s good enough for be the vice-presidential nominee, doesn’t she deserve her time in the spotlight?

Perhaps the pick of Palin was just for show by the McCain camp. Maybe Palin’s role in this campaign is just to smile, look beautiful and stand by her man (in this case, McCain). Maybe she will be the strong, silent leader. Maybe her role will be to serve as eye candy for the public. Maybe she will be the Vanna White of the Republican Party.

As it has been said, maybe McCain chose Palin to appeal to women voters who felt jilted by Sen. Hillary Clinton’s primary loss. Maybe McCain, realizing he didn’t have a great chance of defeating a “celebrity,” decided he needed his own political movie star to brighten his own chances of winning the White House.