>I need help!

>Okay, folks. I’m sooo sorry for having the sporadic posts. I’ve been having trouble with getting “motivated” to sit down and write posts. I believe that one reason as to why I don’t have the energy to write entries to my blog is because it requires me to spend more time in front of the computer.

As someone who relies on computers for my job, I literally spend almost nine hours nonstop in front of a computer screen, typing stories and doing research. By the time I get home, even looking at my laptop makes me want to throw it out of the window. However, I literally cringe when I’m not blogging. I have soooooooo many ideas and opinions I have in my head that I just don’t have the energy to put in writing. I have so many things I want to say about Palin, McCain and the right-wing conspiracy theorists who are engaging in a campaign to smear Sen. Obama and those who support him.

I’m having trouble making myself sit down and write. I’m having trouble sitting down and surfing the web and reading other blogs. I’m just having trouble putting my thoughts together. I want so badly to blog everyday like I used to, but I believe I’m just burnt out and overwhelmed.

So, what should I do? How can I overcome this overwhelming feeling and this feeling of laziness and lack of energy? Help!!!