>Rep. Tubbs Jones dies at 58


Courtesy TheRoot.com

Cleveland Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, the first black women elected to the U.S. House from Ohio, died today at the age of 58, according to the NY Times.

The Times is reporting the cause of death as a ruptured brain aneurysm she suffered Tuesday.

More from the article:

Ms. Tubbs Jones, a Democrat, was in her fifth term as representative of the 11th Congressional District, which includes most of the east side of Cleveland. Two years ago, she was re-elected with 83 percent of the vote. Before her first election to Congress, in 1998, she had been the chief prosecutor for Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

Considered a liberal, Representative Tubbs Jones was a co-sponsor of legislative efforts to broaden health care coverage for low- and middle-income people and of programs supporting the re-entry of convicts into their communities. She was also the author of legislation requiring certification for mortgage brokers and stiffer penalties for predatory loans.

Mrs. Tubbs Jones is survived by her son Mervyn II. Her husband, Mervyn L. Jones Sr., died in 2003.