>White-power groups seeking military servicemen

>According to an article published by MSNBC last week, some white-power groups are recruiting people who’ve served in the U.S. Military. The article states that 203 people who claim to have a U.S. military background have been recruited by these groups (according to an FBI report).

The FBI’s analysis of why these groups are targeting these individuals:

“White supremacist extremists hope to revitalize the white supremacist movement by exploiting antigovernment sentiment among opponents of the overseas conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan,” the FBI report states. It adds, however, that the effort is not going particularly well. “Although some veterans of these conflicts have joined the extremist movement, they have not done so in numbers sufficient to stem declines among major national extremist organizations, nor has their participation resulted in a more violent extremist movement,” the FBI writes.

The article goes on to state that these people are favored for their “knowledge of firearms, explosives, and tactical skills and their access to weapons and intelligence in preparation for an anticipated war against the federal government, Jews, and people of color.”

I must admit that this is a clever new tactic, but it makes perfect sense. People who tend to join the military are usually poor, hold high school degrees and are from places that aren’t as tolerant of diversity. Also, the kinds of people these groups usually target are those who don’t have strong male figures at home, who have repressed anger at authority figures (government, family, etc.) and who have trouble at school.

What do you make of these groups’ new tactic? With the rise in anti-immigrant (read: Hispanic and Arabic/Muslim) sentiments, do you think they may have a chance to revive the white supremacist movement?