>FEMA to give supplies back to Louisiana

>Some of the $85 million in supplies that was given away to other states by FEMA will be returned to Louisiana and to nonprofit organizations to be distributed, CNN is reporting.

After the disclosure, (Louisiana Recovery Authority Executive Director Paul) Rainwater’s organization asked the Federal Emergency Management Agency to return some of the extensive stockpiles of household goods that had been purchased as “starter kits” for people living in trailers after Hurricane Katrina.

After CNN reported on the giveaway, other Louisiana officials also asked that the supplies be redirected to the state, which originally passed on them. John Medica, director of Louisiana’s Federal Property Assistance Agency, told CNN he was unaware Katrina victims still needed the items because no agency had contacted his office.

FEMA is giving the supplies back a week after a CNN investigation that exposed nearly $85 million in supplies had been given away to other states.

I also blogged about this topic last Wednesday, saying that “FEMA has done nothing to change its public image from the bloated, bureaucratic agency that has nothing but contempt for Hurricane Katrina survivors and to the safety of our country.”

I’m glad to see FEMA do the right thing in giving the aid back to the state that needs it the most. Hopefully, this bloated bureaucracy has learned a lesson in yet another public relations nightmare.