>Obama camp releases 20 names for potential VP choices

>Most of the names are well-know and a few are “outside the box,” according to a CNN Political Ticker report.

North Dakota Sen. Kent Conrad said the names include current “top officials, former lawmakers and military leaders.”

Here’s a CNN interactive of list of possible Democratic candidates, which gives brief biographical information on the long list. Some of the names include Bill Bradley, Janet Napolitano, Tim Kaine, Evan Bayh, Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg, Donna Shalala, Tom Daschle, Tim Roemer, Tony Zinni, William Cohen and Wesley Clark (I won’t bore you with their titles–I’m sure you know who all these people are).

While the list is filled with people I either like or ambivalent to, I have one issue with the list. I only saw one minority in that gallery: New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who is Hispanic. But, I did see several white women. It would have been nice to see more colorful faces in the selection–maybe a few Hispanic or black women. But, sensing that it would be nearly impossible for two minorities to run on the same ticket, the Obama team decided to keep the list of minorities short and simple–and nonthreatening.

I would have loved to see a number of black and Hispanic lawmakers (or even Asian and Native American), men and women. The Sanchez sisters from California, Maxine Waters from California, Sheila Jackson Lee from Texas, Stephanie Tubbs Jones from Ohio, James Clyburn, Charlie Rangel, Bob Menendez, Patrick Duval; just to name a few.

Would you like to see Sen. Obama consider more minorities? Do you think Sen. Obama could win with another minority (male or female) on his ticket? Why or why not?