>Reflections on this year’s Democratic race

>Now that Sen. Obama has officially secured the Democratic nomination, I thought I should reflect on this (and last) year’s campaign.

I believe I speak for everyone when I say that no one expected this campaign to last this long. Everyone believed that Sen. Obama or Sen. Clinton would have wrapped up the nomination by Super Tuesday. Everyone believed that the later states would blow which way the wind was going and follow the crowd. Boy, were we wrong.

I also must say that both candidates ran exceptional campaigns. While there were blips and bumps, they both were able to hold on with enough support to keep the race razor thin.

While she came under fierce scrutiny, Sen. Clinton continued to fight for what she believe in. Sen. Obama, who continued to face skepticism and doubts, never faltered. As a likely Democratic voter, I feel comfortable saying that I would have been comfortable with either of these two on the Democratic ticket.

Sure, Sen. Clinton make some mistakes. Sure, she continued to disappoint me. However, I can’t deny the fact that she’s a fighter. No matter what you think of her, she has secured women’s place in politics. Due to her campaign, women can now be considered as serious candidates for the highest political office.

As for Sen. Obama, I’m not a die-hard supporter. I’m not an Obamaholic. However, when faced with the alternative, I will support him in November. Despite his age and limited national experience, he’s proven himself to be a serious contender. His campaign has propelled the American public to seriously consider minorities for the Presidency.

So, what’s next for Sen. Obama’s campaign? That’s for him to decide. We all know that he must work to win over Sen. Clinton’s supporters and those swing voters. We all know he must prepare to deal with the slew of right-wing attacks on his character and limited experience.

But what about Sen. Clinton? What should be her role? Should Sen. Obama offer her a spot on the ticket or not? I’ve already expressed my feelings towards that issue, so I won’t go into that.

However, I wouldn’t mind seeing Sen. Clinton in an President Obama administration. She would be perfect as attorney general, an ambassador or secretary of state. I believe she would thrive in those three positions.

What do you think? What’s next for Sen. Clinton? What’s next for Sen. Obama?

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  1. >What's next? Who knows? I want Sen. Obama to be the next POTUS. As for Sen. Clinton, she should go back to NYC and re-evaluate.As for her being a "fighter", she is that if nothing else. Her run was historic, but I think women will continue to have a long road ahead in terms of leadership roles.She put it out there, but not in a way that honored women at all. Her campaign was contemptuous, entitled and disrespectufl. I don't know what good it has done for women at all.I continue to remain disappointed in her as a woman and a New Yorker.

  2. >She could go back to the senate. After Ted Kennedy lost in 1980 (I believe), he went back to the senate and became a great leader and the most powerful senator. But she would have to learn how to work better with people and think of others, and not just herself (That will be hard).

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