>Why Obama shouldn’t pick Clinton (or vice versa)

>As Sen. Hillary Clinton continue to flounder her presidential campaign, some have called for a unity ticket with the New York senator and her chief rival, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois.

On the surface, this sounds like a brilliant idea: a black man and a white woman, joining forces to combat the vast, right-wing, white male conspiracy to stamp out liberal values. Two relatively good-looking, youthful candidates coming together to beat back the old forces of the Republican Party, fronted by Arizona Sen. John McCain.

While this sounds like 2008 dream team on paper, it’s an catastrophe waiting to happen and I’ll give you a few reasons why.

1. They do not balance each other out. They both are too far to the left side of the spectrum for a Democratic ticket. Republicans and conservatives have done a superb job in painting the likes of Sen. Clinton and Obama as socialist, seething at the opportunity to bring back the days of big government programs and long welfare lines. While we all know that neither Sens. Clinton and Obama aren’t socialist, lovers of big government, the right-wing can and will successfully promote this lie.

2. Sen. Clinton is too polarizing. Enough said. While I admire Sen. Clinton’s run in American politics, I am fully aware of the baggage she can bring to a Sen. Obama presidential campaign.

3. Sen. Obama is not well-known. I mean, who exactly is Barack Obama? Where did he come from? Who are his heroes? How did he get into politics? What else can he offer besides change and hope? What are his pet issues and projects? Why hasn’t he taken more of a public stance in the U.S. Senate on various issues?

4. It would divide the Democratic electorate. Let’s face it: the Democratic Party is fractured; black voters (a Democratic voting bloc) have been stabbed in the back by the Clintons and white, working class Democrats don’t trust Sen. Obama; women are torn between the two. Remember: Republicans could benefit from a Democratic breakdown at the polls–more votes for Sen. McCain.

So, who should be their running mates? For Obama, I would suggest seasoned veterans, who have pet issues they have been fighting for and who are well-known by operatives and the media. If Obama were to choose a person of color, this person can not, by any means, come off as radical or have ties to radical persons. Conservative propagandists love to pain minorities as radical and play up ties to “radical ideas.”

For Sen. Clinton, I would suggest a person who has experience, but who also creates a neutral feeling for the American public. Sen. Clinton also needs someone who comes off as more moderate than she is. While her votes in the U.S. Senate suggest otherwise, conservatives are hard at work painting her as a menstruating, nagging Commie woman. If Sen. Clinton were to pick a woman (either white or a person of color), the woman would need to be more of a B personality.

Who would you suggest for Sens. Clinton and Obama