>Should Sen. Clinton drop out of the race?

>While she won the Indiana primary, Sen. Hillary Clinton continues to trail Sen. Barack Obama in the delegate count. Superdelegates who initially supported her are jumping ship to back Sen. Obama.

Just recently, Sen. Clinton had to loan her campaign money and has been forced to cut spending in the campaign.

Mrs. Clinton’s diminished political momentum, following Tuesday’s loss
in the North Carolina primary and her narrow victory in Indiana, appears to have
had a dampening effect on her fund-raising, aides said, increasing the
likelihood that Mrs. Clinton will lend her campaign more of her own money beyond
the $11 million she has already provided. Clinton advisers said Mrs. Clinton was
committed to spending more of her own cash on the campaign if necessary,
although they spoke optimistically about a rise in fund-raising if she prevails
in Tuesday’s primary in West Virginia.

The campaign is clearly running low on cash, although advisers would
not say how much money — or how little — Mrs. Clinton currently has. The
campaign had started April with over $10 million in unpaid debts, and Mrs.
Clinton was vastly outspent by Senator Barack Obama
in North Carolina and Indiana.

Some advisers to Mrs. Clinton said that the debt had grown
significantly, especially because of the high cost of competing and advertising
in the Pennsylvania primary last month, but they could not give a precise

Before hearing the news that her campaign is running low on cash, I was hesitant to call for Sen. Clinton to suspend her bid for the presidency. I felt like calls for her to end her quest were based on the notion that the American people just aren’t used to long, competitive races. As Americans, we like for things to be done quickly. Our thinking is if people are going to win anything in this country, it needs to be decisive–and it needs to be won quickly.

However, after reading the article, I must consider my previous stance. I think Sen. Clinton should ask herself this question: Is her bid for the presidency worth dipping into her family’s personal fortune? Is it worth taking money from your own house to finance an-already faltering campaign? If Sen. Clinton is not breaking even with Sen. Obama and Sen. John McCain now, what makes her believe that the months of June and July will be any different?

What do you think? Should Sen. Clinton suspend her campaign? If so, why?