>Moments when you are a victim of stereotyping

>I remember about two weeks ago I was at work and I was helping a gentleman who bought three newspapers. Before he left he asked me:

“Do you know _____ _________?”

I gave him a puzzled look and said, “Who?”

He said, “_____ _______, the black man up the street?”

I said (trying to hide back an annoyed chuckle): “Oh, no I don’t.”

He said, “Oh. Well, he’s a good man.” I said, “Thanks, have a good day!” And he left.

I brought up this story because I wanted to ask you guys if you can share moments in which you were a victim of stereotyping by others. Obviously, the man asking me the question assumed that I would know a random black man up the street because of my skin color. Granted, the city I work is has a very small black population. However, I’m certain that all blacks in that city do not know each other. It was small-minded of the gentleman to even assume so.

So, share your stories. When, if ever, have you been a victim of stereotyping by a person? How did you react. Looking back, do you think your actions were appropriate in dealing with the situation?