>T.D. Jakes: negative press affects church missions

>An interesting commentary from T.D. Jakes I found on CNN’s website:

I have listened and watched the events of the last few days with great
disappointment as the church and the so-called African-American church, in
particular, has been painted rather negatively with a broad, wide-ranging brush.
I personally wish the distinctions of the church by ethnicity would one day
become an antiquated idea. But this will require more people moving from a
segregated worship experience. Until then, the church is becoming increasingly
bruised by those who seek to move it from its core principles and make it an
instrument of division rather than a catalyst for unity!

To say the current picture in the media of the institution that I have
loved all of my life is less than flattering would be an understatement. And
because I know that many Americans unfortunately do not venture outside of the
comfort of their own groups for worship, the only understanding some will have
of who we are is based largely on sound bites and media portrayals. I want to
set the record straight!

I am afraid that once again our churches will be victimized by
stereotypical ideas and opinions that are based in whole or in part by the
extreme and not the norm.
The church I have read about in the media — a
church filled with divisiveness, a lack of tolerance for other ethnic groups, a
church not focused on helping the downtrodden and less fortunate, a church
filled with hostility — does not remotely resemble the churches that I grew up
around and have loved for more than 50 years.

Thoughts? Is Jakes hitting on something here?