>An open letter to Sen. Clinton

>Dear Senator Clinton,

I’m writing you this letter because it’s the only way I know to express my frustration. You may not remember me, but I used to be one of your biggest supporters: the young, successful black woman. I looked up to you because you stood up in the face of right-wing conspiracy theorists and proclaimed your place on the political stage. Boy, those were the days.

However, I find myself being let down by your campaign to win the Democratic nomination for the presidential election. While I still admire your trailblazing path, I find myself troubled by a few recent events.

First came your comments about how it “takes a president to get things done” in relation to the Civil Rights Movement. I find this comment to be a slap in the face. Why? We all know that the president (LBJ, in this case) would have never gotten things done if it weren’t for the pressure he got from Dr. King and others in the movement. Also, we all know that he wouldn’t have gotten things done if it weren’t for President Kennedy’s bill already being considered on Capitol Hill. Those comments were reckless and superficial on your part and I was deeply hurt by them. Since you were a witness to history during those turbulent times, I figured that you would have been more careful in your choice of words.

Next came your welcoming of support from Bob Johnson, founder of BET. Not only did your welcoming of his endorsement offend me, but it also offended millions of African-Americans who were your most ardent supporters during the 1990s. BET has been nothing but a mockery of my people, specifically African-American women. The consistent degradation of my sistas (remember: your most loyal supporters) on cable television should have deterred you from welcoming Mr. Johnson’s support. As a feminist, I would have expected more from you, a so-called champion of women’s rights. But, as this campaign has proven to me and your most ardent supporters, politicians will do anything for support.

In closing, I would like to say that there are other instances in which I found myself shaking my head. But, I won’t mention them here–there are just too many. I guess I really wanted to say is that you have let me down–big time. While I still admire and respect your campaign and everything you’ve done for women in politics, you have let me down–big time.


New Black Woman