>Atlanta judge: we have an obligation to speak out about ‘thuggery’

>I’m sure you all have heard about Fulton County Judge Marvin Arrington, who last week kicked all whites out of his courtroom to “talk some sense” into the remaining blacks.

Recently, Arrington defended his actions:

We have insanity going on in the black community. If we don’t say something, the infrastructure of this community is going to collapse. It will be like living in the wild, wild west. These young people are out of control.

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Honestly, I do not have a problem with what the judge did. His “Bill Cosby moment” is something that’s sorely needed in this country. When you have more young black men in prison than in college, then there is a problem. When you consistently see more black defendants in your courtroom, then I can understand where you’re coming from.

What do you think about Arrington’s actions? Were they justified? Try to put it into the context of Dr. King’s legacy.