>’Crisis’ in black female-male relationships transnational?

>We’ve all heard the reports about the state of black female-male relationships in America. For example, the small number of black men (compared to black women and other racial groups) attending and graduating college leaves black women with a small number of viable mates to choose from. Or the report about the resentment some black men have for black women due to their success.

Well, it seems this crisis has reached the U.K. According to The Voice, the attack on black love is under way:

Thousands of black men and women are remaining on the shelf or mired in conflict, because of negative perceptions and myths about each other, passed on by family and friends. Relationship coach and motivational speaker, Hilton Samuel told The Voice last week that well-meaning families and friends could be hurting black women’s romantic chances by telling them that “Black men are unreliable; black men are mostly after only one thing – sex; black men are players (so) they love to have plenty women; black men love to hit and beat women.

Read the article and tell me what you think? What do you think of the assessments of black men and women? Where do you think they are coming from? Could the influence of black American culture across the world be the driving force behind these opinions?