>Salary expectations

>Sorry, everyone about the lack of posts in the past few days. I’ve been sick in the past few days, but I’m all better now.

Anyway, I got a chance to visit some friends last night and one guy was talking to me about his salary expectations after earning a four-year degree.

He basically told me that he’s upset with Capitol Hill staffers only make around $30,000 a year. He was also worried about how he was going to pay his student loans after he graduates.

I told him that there’s no way anyone can live independently immediately after graduating. I’m living proof of it. I don’t ask my parents or boyfriend for money regularly, but they do help me out when I ask (which is actually quite rare).

As a journalist, I knew early on that my field did not pay much in the beginning. I knew early on that I would not start out making over $30,000. However, I stuck with it because I love writing. I love the news and I love interviewing people. On the other hand, I am concerned with my financial well-being in the long run. Newspaper journalism is a dying field and I’m well aware that I need to make a switch in order to take advantage of the budding online journalism field.

My question is to you: what were your expectations of your field’s salary upon graduating college/university? Do you think young people today have high expectations of salaries? If so, why?