>Bill Clinton: the bitter half?

>An excerpt from a recent Time column from Karen Tumulty:

It is hard to miss the irony: the man from Hope is now trying to figure out how to tamp it down. But that tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the spot in which Bill Clinton finds himself today, as his wife’s presidential campaign fights for its life in Ohio and Texas. What is harder to figure out is how much of the blame for her predicament belongs to him. “I think he just did her such damage,” says a friend and supporter, expressing a sentiment that many feel privately. “They’ll never see it that way, because they can’t. And he has no self-knowledge. This has magnified all his worst traits.”

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I, for one, think Sen. Clinton would be better off if the former president didn’t interject himself into the star role before the Super Tuesday primaries. Given his impatience and, sometimes, self-destructive nature of campaigning, the former president has done more damage to his wife’s campaign than he’s willing to take credit for.

I now understand why former Vice President Al Gore was adamant about not having the former president campaign with him during the 2000 election season.

How much of an impact do you think former President Clinton’s presence had on Sen. Clinton’s campaign? Do you think his presence did damage? Do you think the media coverage played a role?