>Newsweek: abortion drops, but experts disagree on why

>According to Newsweek, abortion rates have hit a 34 year low, but some experts are disagreeing on whether the decline is caused by better prevention/education or on changing attitudes.

One reason that I would have liked to see explored was the rise in oral sex among teens. A 2005 article from the San Francisco Chronicle said “more than half of American teens age 15 to 19 have engaged in oral sex, increasing to nearly 70 percent for those who are 18 and 19, according to the largest federal study of the nation’s sexual practices.”

More excerpts:

The study also found that 11 percent of women age 18 to 44 reported having at least one homosexual experience in their lifetime, up from 4 percent in the last study conducted in 1992.

Taken together, the two findings suggest a possible shift in sexual practices, in which females are using oral and gay sex “as a safer alternative than (vaginal) sex with men,” said epidemiologist William D. Mosher of the National Center for Health Statistics, the study’s lead author.

“If it is seen as a safer alternative, it is an interesting response to the campaigns to reduce teen pregnancy and to reduce sexually transmitted diseases and HIV,” he said.

Could this be a factor in the decline in abortions? Since teens are having less vaginal sex, there are (should) be less reports of pregnancies, thus dropping the number of abortions?

What do you think?