>It’s been a while, but I have an update!

>I took a two week hiatus from blogging, not on purpose. I had no energy for blogging.

Anyway, browsing on CNN’s website, I discovered this commentary by Roland Martin.

Here’s the summary of what Roland is saying:

We can spend all day talking about the ills afflicting urban America — and there are plenty that are institutional — but the decaying value of life in inner cities clearly can be traced to the exodus of fathers from the lives of so many young men. Excuses often are tossed about as to why black men leave their children (and their children’s moms) to fend for themselves. But a lot of them are just sorry and refuse to accept the responsibility that comes with raising a child.

In a nutshell: black fathers need to take responsibility for their children.

Many communities have started grassroots efforts to educate young black men on the importance of being involved with their children. However, in my opinion, they are fighting an uphill battle against the glorification of the hip-hop, bad ass culture that’s engulfed our communities.

Another point:

Unless black America owns up to this problem — and fast — we are going to see another generation of young black men who are angry with their lot in life. And the result will be more discipline problems in school, which will lead to folks dropping out, and that is nothing but a one-way ticket to jail.

Black men, it’s time to man up. Enough with the sperm donors. We need real men to stand up and accept their responsibility. The state of our boys is on us. And no one else.

What do you think?