>Indian women bleaching their skin for acceptance

>This is no surprise to me. European colorism and colonialism still has its influence in its former colonized countries.

But the American company mentioned in this article is surprising:

Who is behind this product and this advertising campaign that tells Indian women not to be brown — or to be brown and suffer the humiliating consequences? Skin care giant, Unilever, that’s who.

Yes, that’s right, Unilever. The same company responsible for Dove and Dove’s “Real Women” campaign, an advertising venture that has garnered international attention and kudos for using women with curvy parts and wrinkly parts and saggy parts in its ads.

“Real women, real curves!” shouts Dove. Go ahead, Western women! You have our permission to be yourselves!

I guess exploiting Indian women’s insecurities about their color is the new American dream for some companies.