>Praying for rain? Seriously?

>Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue, asking for divine intervention, on Tuesday held a prayer vigil to ask God for more rain.

No, I’m not joking. Apparently, praying has become the new form of action when it comes to the drought:

In 1999, people in Syria flocked to mosques to pray for rain during a drought.

In 2004, a Texas city set aside a Sunday to pray for rain.

While I do not believe in a higher power, I understand why people put their faith in a so-called divine “leader.” Why not? We consistently elect incompetent leaders who, if all else fails, appeal to their constituents’ faith to detract from their inability to lead in a time of crisis.

In turn, these same constituents put their trust in these politicians because they have a “Christian heart.” So the cycle of praying instead of taking concrete action continues, leaving the Earth to pay the price of people who are too busy praying to realize the depletion of natural resources. You can’t pray these resources back into existence.

So, while we ask some “divine power” to relieve us of something of our own doing, let’s pray that the genocide in Darfur will end; let’s pray that the folks in Iraq will stop killing our men and women soldiers; let’s pray that the lakes will magically return to pre-drought conditions so we can continue to be selfish and over-indulgent in our water and natural resource consumption.