>My take on Dog’s racial slur “slip of the tongue”

>I’m sitting here watching Duane “Dog” Chapman, the star of the bounty hunter “apologize” on Larry King Live. As I’m watching this, I’ve begin to think more about the use of the N word and people’s reaction to it.

As a professional black woman, I do not condone the use of the N word. I don’t even like to hear other people use it around me. I can not understand why other black people continue to degrade their characters with a word that was used to mentally and emotionally oppress my ancestors.

However, my views do not represent the view of black America. Black Americans have a myriad of opinions on this and other issues. So what you are about to read is just my opinion. I do not claim to speak for all young, professional black women.

Watching Dog make these excuses (yes, excuses) for his “casual” use of the word is a slap in the face to intelligent people. His excuse for using the word to represent “brotherhood” with other black men shows his possible subconscious contempt he has for black people in general. Why does he have to use the N word to his fellow black “brothers” just to show that he’s “down with the brown?” Does he have that low of opinion of blacks that he has to stoop down to the level of a few friends just to prove a point?

Here’s a hint for Duane and other whites: you do not have to use the N word just to be “down.” Just because you have a few black friends and casually use the N word does not inoculate you from being a racist. You can still have racist/prejudicial views.

There has to be a point in which people need to start taking responsibility. Duane can not continue to hide behind his excuse of using the word casually to a few black friends and around his family. He can not continue to hide behind his past of “identifying” with other blacks.

So, while Duane parades around with his select few black friends and his family, I hope he continues to do some soul searching. I hope he understands that using this word was never the right choice in the beginning. There are plenty of ways he could have showed he was “down” that would not have come back to bite him in the ass. Whatever happened to learning about black history or about the origin of music influenced by blacks?

Maybe learning about the history of my people wouldn’t show how “down” he was.