>Failing the Children?

>Interesting article from the New York Times

Miracle Makers aimed to provide children and families a vast range of assistance as it consumed more than $350 million in city, state and federal funds over two decades. But an examination by The New York Times shows that many of those goals went unfulfilled as the agency slowly collapsed under its own mismanagement, wasting money and failing to provide services.

And the city, Miracle Makers’ biggest client, shares some of the blame. The examination makes clear that the agency’s long unraveling was abetted by a shortage of oversight and action throughout the system — particularly by city child welfare officials, who recruited Miracle Makers into foster care, financed its headlong growth, then failed either to notice or to confront its flaws. Repeated warnings and complaints from state and city officials, auditors, judges and children were missed or unheeded.

Your thoughts?