>Round up of Stupidity

>I’ve seen numerous stories that show the stupidity and insensitivity of ordinary Americans throughout the week. Here are a few.

Student makes mock video of Jena 6 story.

Why do people expect us to believe they aren’t racist and/or prejudice if they have the mindset to come up with crap like this? Do I believe this young woman is a racist? I don’t know. Do I believe she has contempt for black people? Possibliy.

Next, deaf students mark black teen with KKK, swastika.

Why do teenagers lose all sense of reason? Doctors believe it’s an undeveloped portion of the brain that makes teens suseptible to doing crazy things. While I believe that to be true, I also believe that these teens thought it would be funny to do such a thing. Yes, showing that you were in the mindset to commit a hate crime is so cool.

Not to mention the numerous noose hanging incidents that have been reported across the country.

Why is it that some people in our country have this nonchalant attitude about racial incidents? Why did those teenagers think it would be funny to mark that kid with the swastika? Why did the college kid think it would be fun to recreate the Jena 6 incident?

It sickens me to see people parading around in black face and not think anything of the consequences. It pisses me off to hear people proclaim they aren’t racist after they are caught using a racial slur. It makes me upset and embarassed to be an American when I see the oblivious reaction from people when stories like this are made public.