>Quick Vent

>I went to Barnes and Noble last night and went to the current events/history/biography section of the store. When I didn’t see anything interesting, I turned around and saw the African-American non-fiction section. My eyes poured over the numerous selections of books, ranging from black feminists and slavery.

However, I saw a number of books that dealt with the same subject: being a black man in America. It got me thinking: where were all the books that talked about being a black woman in America?

As a black woman, I feel enormous pressure to handle the racism I feel from other races and the sexism I feel from my own brothers. It saddens me that the lives of black women have not been seriously examined by authors.

Maybe I’m wrong, though. Maybe Barnes and Noble isn’t the bookstore that carries “alternative subjects” by black authors.

In any case, black women in this country have been victimized for too long. It’s high time we stood up to ourselves and told those racist and sexist pigs no more. No more to being sexually exploited in music videos. No more to being stereotyped and type cast into superficial, one dimensional roles. 

No more to being at the mercy of black men who don’t think twice about calling us bitches and hoes. 

No more to the bullshit, appeasement songs by hip-hop artists that celebrate our character and stand behind their man while they write 15 other songs that degrade and humiliate us for a quick buck.