>For Shame!

>I’m sure everyone knows about the woman in W. Virginia. If not, here’s the link:


Well, I got to searching the Internet for this and stumbled upon a good commentary by Roland Martin, a CNN contributor.

Here it is:


What bothers me about the coverage is there isn’t much coverage. I’m an avid watcher of the news and I’ve only seen one report since the story broke a few days ago. Print media has done most of the coverage.

The hot cable news topic of the day–some British girl who went missing while vacationing in Portugal whose parents are the main suspects. The parents have not been arrested; no concrete evidence has been found. So, why the coverage?

I hate to speculate about things, but this is a clear case of race and class bias by the cable news outlets. This has confirmed my belief that poor, black women are literally at the bottom of society. We are blamed for the “troubles” facing black America (high level of teen pregnancies, high level of single moms, low level of black men entering and graduating college, etc.). We are consistently viewed as ghetto hoes only out for men who have money. On the movie and television screens, we are never seen as the leading lady. Even hip-hop music, which is supposed to be this haven for blacks from mainstream society, hates black women. The constant degredation of black women in videos and music has gotten to the point where I can’t even watch a music video without feeling depressed or self-conscious. Okay, I’m getting off topic.

The point is while our country claims to be tolerant and supporters of equality, we don’t treat everyone equally. Just look at the Jena 6 case down in Louisiana. Talk about a miscarriage of justice!

What these insane people did to this woman is just beyond fucked up. However, Roland Martin makes a damn good point–the American public just don’t care about other people. Where are the animal rights activists who have been clamoring for Vick’s head? Where are all the feminists who claim to fight for the rights of all women? Where are all the civil rights activists who claim they want equality for all? Where are all the white, middle class animal lovers who were so outraged at Vick’s case?

Black women, as well as men and children, continue to be among the highest number of victims of violent crime. However, with Missing White Woman Syndrome infecting the media, the plight of the black woman is yet again put on the back burner.